Play cello with more confidence, motivation & have more fun no matter where you are in your cello journey

More Confidence, More Motivation & More Fun🎶

Playing cello is a transformational and uplifting experience.  Our students are adult cello players who want to discover their unique musical voice,  improve their skills quickly and have fun doing it.   “Yoga” in our name reflects our core mission to help cellists unite the mind & body in perfect harmony so that you can make beautiful music and connect with any audience you choose.

Do you recognize your journey below?

  • You discovered the cello as an adult and  are fulfilling a life dream to play it beautifully
  • You learned cello as a child and are returning to the instrument you love with renewed passion
  • You hold an advanced degree in cello and are now expanding your musical horizons and developing your artistry
  • You are a music teacher seeking the most effective & innovative approaches to education that will inspire and motivate your students.


Coaching Goals

We aspire to give every cellist the  tools you need to quickly improve your confidence and abilities on the cello so that you can become your own best guide and inspire others with your music making

Mindful & innovative methods

Our coaches are professional teaching artists trained to use research-based mind & body methods from the fields of mindful music practice, performance psychology and creative development so that each of our cellists learns in a way that respects their own unique challenges

Community Values

Every cellist in our program is interviewed to ensure that the community remains a compassionate, positive and enriching experience. We do not accept everyone into our program.  We seek cellists who will support and uplift each other.


Our Students Love Us

Want to speak to us about our program for adult cellists?

To find out more about our cello program and if we would be a good fit to help you reach your goals,  you can book a cello strategy sessions with our head coach, Mea the Creative Cellist.   Calls are about 45 minutes long and we will take a deep dive into your cello journey and your challenges.